Lipid nanoparticle delivering cell-permeable PTEN tumor suppressor

The PTEN tumor suppressor is the body’s prime defense against cancer. However, it becomes deactivated or eliminated during cancer progression. Loss of PTEN reduces response to over 30 FDA-approved drugs, including immuno-oncology antibodies. Moreover, as PTEN cannot penetrate cancer cells, it is practically “undruggable”.

TheraPten has engineered cpPTEN, a cell-penetrating form of the PTEN tumor suppressor that is able to enter cancer cells and kill them. cpPTEN is delivered via a lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulation for intravenous injection that is manufactured by a strong industrial partner.

Hence, LNP-cpPTEN is expected to have profound impact in cancer care.


Supported by  private investors, TheraPten is actively engaged in preclinical studies for its patented PTEN therapeutic proteins and is accelerating toward initiation of first-in-man clinical trials.

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TheraPtenA robust family of cell penetrating PTEN compounds. Our lead, PR61, secured by our proprietary patent, is advancing towards first-in-human clinical trials.

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PTEN is a major tumor suppressor with growth and survival regulatory functions found in all tissues in the body. TheraPten's cpPTEN oncolytic virotherapies are relevant to over 80% of human cancer patients.

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