Putting Back a Missing Human Tumor Suppressor is a Simple and Natural Way to Combat Any Cancer

TheraPten is a Canadian biotech company developing PTEN-L, the world’s first natural human anti-cancer tumor suppressor protein, as an injectable biological therapy. Tumor suppressors are the body’s prime defense against cancer. However, they become deactivated or eliminated during cancer progression. Moreover, as tumor suppressors cannot penetrate cancer cells they are practically “undruggable”. In contrast, PTEN-L, a naturally occurring, longer form of PTEN has the tantalizing capability to readily penetrate and kill cancer cells. Loss of PTEN reduces response of cancer patients to immuno-oncology antibodies. Therefore, reintroduction of PTEN-L may have profound impact in cancer care.


TheraPten has an exclusive license from Columbia U. (New York) and has contracted the  Canadian National Research Council (Montreal) to assist in preclinical development of TPT-612.

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TheraPtenPTEN-L was discovered by Prof. Ramon Parsons at Columbia U. TheraPten is developing PTEN-L (TPT-612) for several cancer indications and TPT-613 (unique domain of PTEN-L fused to p53) for breast cancer.

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TheraPten is supported by individual private investors. We strive to make available our anti-cancer therapeutics to patients worldwide. Both TPT-612 and TPT-613 are currently in preclinical development.